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Arlanda Airport reduces its emissions

Arlanda Airport has managed to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide with 50 %. A strong contributing factor to the reduced emissions has been the investment in geo energy, which is taken from an underground aquifer.

Clean Vehices of Stockholm

Clean public transport initiative

Destruction plants for laughing gas at three hospi

In 2011 the laughing gas emmissions had decreased with 75% in Stockholmslänslandsting compared to the emmissions in 2002

Eco-cycle solutions in Norrtälje

Thanks to a large-scale installation of composting and a hundreds of separate sewers, the municipality of Norrtälje has managed to reduce a leakage of nutrients with five tons to the Baltic Sea. These actions have raised the property owner’s interest for Eco-cycle solutions and the municipality has gained a valuable knowledge in eco-cycle adapted water and sewage sytems.

Environmental investments in Vällingby Centrum

Svenska Bostäder have invested over three million Swedish kronor in an installation for geothermal energy and a recycling central. Thanks to the investment, Vällingby Centrum produces nowadays its own energy, which provides the shopping centre with 60 % of its need for heating and 90 % of its need for cooling.

Käppala – an efficient water treatment plant

Käppalaverket is one of the world’s most efficient water treatment installations, with the entire northern Stockholm as a catchment area. Apart from the fact that the installation treats water for over 500 000 people, it also produces biogas, running 100 busses.

Planning for a sustainable city

Sjöstadsverket tests new treatment methods

Hammarby Sjöstadsverket in Stockholm, Sweden, was built as part of the Hammarby Sjöstad initiative, with the aim of halving environmental impact by demonstrating new technology and innovative solutions. The facility is now continuing to serve as a development centre for new water treatment technology.

Small scale district heating with pellets

Sustainable Lighting

A playground in Little Ursvik in Sundbyberg produces its own energy from sun and wind. The energy used for lighting the playground.

Underground waste management

Thanks to a stationary pneumatic refuse collection system, the garbage doesn’t need to be collected by trucks anymore. Instead, the garbage is transported by air through pipes, where it is compacted in sealed containers. Using a vacuum system instead of an old-fashioned refuse room or waste container does away with problems with unpleasant odours, and nobody needs to come into contact with waste bags or containers.

Unique project treated contaminated areas in Stock

The major soil remediation projects carried out in Stockholm during the last decade were in many ways unique and resulted in new experiences. Four areas were remediated from contamination, partly with new technology and help from entrepreneurs, who have never worked in Sweden before.

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