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Cleaner air in Stockholm with sewage sludge

Two sewage treatment works in Stockholm are producing biogas from sewage sludge. After having purified the gas, it can be used for both heating and vehicle fuel and in addition creates no net emissions of carbon dioxide. Consequently, the treatment works have reduced their amount of emissions and become energy suppliers. Therefore, sewage sludge is no longer an environmental problem, but an important energy resource.

Environmental investments in Vällingby Centrum

Svenska Bostäder have invested over three million Swedish kronor in an installation for geothermal energy and a recycling central. Thanks to the investment, Vällingby Centrum produces nowadays its own energy, which provides the shopping centre with 60 % of its need for heating and 90 % of its need for cooling.

Food waste becomes biogas

A small recycling centre in Huddinge municipality produces biogas using organic waste, which is unique in the Stockholm region. Despite the fact that only a few tons of biogas is produced every year, the plant brings important knowledge for future projects.

Käppala – an efficient water treatment plant

Käppalaverket is one of the world’s most efficient water treatment installations, with the entire northern Stockholm as a catchment area. Apart from the fact that the installation treats water for over 500 000 people, it also produces biogas, running 100 busses.

Liquid gas – drastic reduction of emissions

Using liquid gas can result in a 70 per cent reduction of climate impact compared to diesel. Biogas and natural gas have been used as vehicle fuel in Gothenburg for more than 15 years.

Organic model farm at Nynäs gård

At Nynäs gård, there is a biogas installation, which is designed for the farm’s phosphorus needs. The farm does no longer need to purchase any chemical fertilizers, nor does it need to buy fuel for its vehicles.

Production of Liquid Biogas at Loudden

An installation for production of Liquid Biogas (LBG) is under construction at Loudden in Stockholm. This will be the first large-scale biogas installation in Stockholm, which produces biogas using organic waste.

Renova – Global forefront waste technology for heat and power

Renova combust waste to create energy in the world class plant in waste-fuelled CHP (Combined Heat & Power).

Sjöstadsverket tests new treatment methods

Hammarby Sjöstadsverket in Stockholm, Sweden, was built as part of the Hammarby Sjöstad initiative, with the aim of halving environmental impact by demonstrating new technology and innovative solutions. The facility is now continuing to serve as a development centre for new water treatment technology.

Sundet waste water treatment plant

Sundet in Vaxjö is a modern wastewater treatment plant, equipped with a production unit for biogas

Vacuum system in Östermalmshallen

A vacuum system handles the waste in Östermalm’s food market hall. The waste is transported via pipelines by means of under pressure to a storage unit and later to a biogas installation. With this system, waste is no longer a problem, but a resource.

Waste seperation with the help of vacuum technology

In the district of Hagalund in Solna, trucks with a mobile vacuum technology, collect waste and newspapers. The system is not only easy for the residents, it also improves the waste collector’s work environment and reduces the operating costs.

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