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Bioendev – The Biocoal Company

Developer and supplier of high-tech systems for cost efficient pre-treatment of biomass for use in heat and power generation, conversion to liquid fuels and production of green chemicals.

Based on over ten years of research, BioEndev has developed an innovative torrefaction technology for production of black pellets. With over 10 patents we have an unique technology with high process control and availability.

Black pellets resembles fossile coal in many ways but is renewable and carbon neutral. Black pellets are hydrophobic and has up to 50% higher energy density compared to white pellets.
In our Pilot Plant we offer feasibility studies and small batches of black pellets.

Our Industrial Demonstration Unit with 16 kton annual capacity will be up and running in 2016. We can offer large batches of black pellets and demonstration visits. We will soon be offering Commercial Scale torrefaction units together with our EPC partner.

Biofuel Power Plant – Renewable district heating

The biofuelled CHP (Combined Heat & Power) plant is one of Göteborg Energi’s most important heat production plants. It also holds the control room for the entire district heating system of the city.

Dåva CHP

Dåva CHP is one of the world’s most energy efficient and environmentally friendly plants with waste as its main fuel. Here we produce district heating and electricity from sorted waste and residues from the forest industry.

Gårdsten – Sustainability in several dimensions

The solar panels on the newly renovated Solhusen buildings have high symbolic value, and Solhusen has become a symbol for the whole suburb of Gårdsten. However, there is far more to Solhusen than just solar panels.

Gasendal – A world class biogas plant

When opened in spring 2007, the Gasendal plant, was the largest biogas upgrading facility in the world.

Gimonäs Recyclingcenter

At Gimonäs Recycling Center the households can submit their bulky waste, garden waste and the hazardous waste at no additional charge. The municipal company, Vakin, owns and operates seven recycling centers in Umeå municipality and one in Vindeln municipality.

Kvillebäcken – First green district

Kvillebäcken is the first urban district in Gothenburg built according to the new, more stringent, environmental demands.


An international biorefinery hub.
SP Processum has during a number of years purposefully built up a set of pilot equipment aimed at biorefinery projects. The equipment consists of pilots for thermochemical pre-treatment, biochemical processes, thermochemical syntheses as well as pilots for separations. A broad spectrum of biomasses, like forest raw materials of all kinds as well as industrial residual streams and waste materials, can in pilot scale be converted to e.g. materials, proteins, bioenergy and chemicals. There are also pilot equipment for algae, torrefaction and drying trials in Umeå.

Umeå Wastewater Treatment Plant

Within Umeå municipality there are a total of 19 wastewater treatment plants. The largest, Umeå Wastewater Treatment Plant, takes care of wastewater from households and various businesses in Umeå and surrounding villages. Every year, it receives about 13 million cubic meters of waste water, containing about 3000 tons of organic material and about 80 tonnes of phosphorus. The process of cleaning water demands a lot of energy, but the plant also produce biogas which gives 23 000 kWh per day.

Västermalmsverket Falun – Heat and power from biomass

World’s first eco-labeled heating!

As the first company in the world Falun Energy & Water now delivers heating, cooling and electricity with Environmental Certification. The label sets very high standards for the goods accepted and is often called “the world’s toughest environmental label”.

This means that we ensure that

– heat comes from renewable fuels (in our case from biofuels),
– fuel is not taken from worthy of protection forest,
– fuel comes from forest owners engaged in sustainable forestry and
– only a small amount of fossil energy has been used from the forest to your radiator (for example, harvesting, transportation and manufacturing).

Windpower in Hörnefors

Wind power is an endless and renewable source of energy that has been used for thousands of years. It plays an important role in Umeå Energis investment in renewable energy and is in line with the company’s aim to be completely carbon neutral by 2018. In total, the municipality owned company Umeå Energi owns ten wind turbines, which provide significant climate benefits. These turbines are situated in the towns of Hörnefors, Holmsund and Robertsfors.

Your roof – A potential solar power plant

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly realistic alternative in the Gothenburg region. The conditions for solar energy are roughly similar to those in Germany, where full sunshine generates solar energy equivalent to 20 nuclear power stations.

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