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Biofuel Power Plant – Renewable district heating

The biofuelled CHP (Combined Heat & Power) plant is one of Göteborg Energi’s most important heat production plants. It also holds the control room for the entire district heating system of the city.

Eriksberg – From shipyard to sustainable housing

Derelict industrial premises from the era of shipyards have been transformed into an exciting mix of modern housing and renovated dockside buildings.

Gårdsten – Sustainability in several dimensions

The solar panels on the newly renovated Solhusen buildings have high symbolic value, and Solhusen has become a symbol for the whole suburb of Gårdsten. However, there is far more to Solhusen than just solar panels.

Lindholmen – Where science meets business

Lindholmen Science Park is a world-leading research and development centre with a focus on mobile data communication, intelligent vehicles and transport systems and modern media.

Renova – Global forefront waste technology for heat and power

Renova combust waste to create energy in the world class plant in waste-fuelled CHP (Combined Heat & Power).

Restoration of overgrown meadows

At Svartsjöviken in Ekerö municipality, overgrown meadows have been restored. The grounds, which had a low sustainability, were restored with newly developed aphibious vehicles, light band wagons and stump cutting equipment. Today, the meadows are harvested, which has recreated a valuable biotop. At the same time, a long-term parntnership has been established between the municipality, the farmers, the local residents, landowners and various other associations.

Sandviksverket combined power and heating plant

Sandviksverket in Växjo is a combined power and heating plant, producing heat to the city’s district heating system and power to the electricity market

Sannegårdshamnen – From dockland to sustainable housing

This 100 year-old harbour was primarily used for handling coal and coke. Its curved wharfs have been renovated and supplemented with low wooden jetties.

Stockholm Waterfront

Stored heat makes football pitch playable

When the new football field at Katrineholms Sports center was constructed, heating coils underneath the pitch were installed, which makes its playable even in winter. The heat is collected from an underground energy storage, where waste heat from the artificially frozen bandy court’s compressors is stored.

Unique method restored lake Turingen

Both the natural values and economic values have increased in Nykvarn since the municipality restored the mercury-contaminated lake Turingen, The today ineadible fish will in a relatively near future be eadible again.

Vertical windpower outside Uppsala

Vertical Wind has developed a new and exciting wind power technology based on a vertical axis wind turbine with a cable-wound direct driven generator. The turbine does not need a pitch or a yawing mechanism and the direct driven generator eliminates the need of a gearbox. The robust and simple technology with few moving and sensitive parts compared to conventional wind turbines, gives a higher availability and reliability as well as lower cost for maintenance. Furthermore, this type of wind turbine is quieter than its horizontal counterpart.

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