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Bioenergy programme

Using bioenergy in your every-day life


In Sweden biogas is produced from municipal sludge and other biological waste. Biogas is produced by municipal utilities companies and by farmers at farm-size production units. Some biogas is up-graded to vehicle gas, while a large portion is burned in CHP-plants to produce heat and power.

Destination Stockholm Clean Tech

Eco-building programme

Energy efficient dwellings: passive technology, eight storey buildings, wooden frames

Gothenburg Energy – District heating and remote cooling

Gothenburg solves its energy challenges with a combination of previous initiatives and new technology. District heating was first introduced back in the 1950s, and the whole of Gothenburg is heated with energy that would otherwise have been wasted.

Green Housing in Malmo

Southern Sweden abounds with examples of green architecture and solutions that combine a number of green technologies in order to provide sustainable living environments. In and around Malmö there are examples of areas where solar cells and wind power combine to provide electricity for a large part of the needs, heat pumps produce heat, and rain water is taken care of in environmentally friendly run-off systems, and where the roofs of buildings are used to grow plants that produce oxygen, slow down run-off of rain water, and maintain a healthy and pleasant environment in the area.

Low-CO2 Heating Skåne

Sweden is one of the countries in the world with the largest share of households that get their heat from district heating. This, in combination with the use of the most modern technology and practices from heat production to distribution and use in buildings makes Southern Sweden one of the most exciting places to visit to get an up-date on district heating technology.

North river bank – From dockland to sustainable urban area

Visit a showcase of innovative urban development.

Sjöstadsverket – leading wastewater research

Visit Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, the center for Sweden’s leading R&D activities in the field of wastewater treatment.

Sustainable waste management

The program focuses on sustainable waste management, presenting a complete waste and recycling system for an urban region with almost one million inhabitants.

System Solutions for a Sustainable Hospital

Kristianstad Hospital has worked consistently with the goal to be in the lead among the Swedish hospital within Sustainability. We will show you three successful examples.

Waste Management

Waste is a valuable resource that can be used for recycling to new materials, incineration to produce heat and energy, and fermentation to produce biogas. Waste management in Sweden is a well developed discipline with systems for the sorting of waste by households, at offices, and at industries, and many products are recycled in specialized recycling systems. Over the past decades these systems have been improved and perfected to a level that cannot be matched by many other countries.

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