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A Biogas hotspot

Göteborg Energi sees biogas as one of the most important renewable fuels of the future and a key to the transition to a fossil-free society.

Brownfield Regeneration

Brownfield development areas are the preferred alternatives for new housing projects. In many municipalities industrial sites have been vacated in the past decades. In order to use these estates for new housing projects the ground needs to be remediated before construction.

Cleaner Production Audit training program

Cleaner Production Audit is an auditing system designed to encourage cleaner production, improve technical efficiency and reduce material consumption thereby improving energy efficiency, reducing life-cycle costs and fundamentally reducing the environmental impact of any business or industry.

The outcome of the audit is a strategic plan for reducing poisonous and harmful compounds, reducing material consumption and energy demand and ultimately reducing the generation of waste.

Early processes in Sustainable Urban Development

Sustainability issues have been a natural part of urban development in Sweden for a long time. Not only when it comes to new technology but also in areas such as urban governance, urban strategies, urban resource management and urban planning & design. In Southern Sweden we have worked successfully with early processes in order to obtain as sustainable urban development as possible. To make this experience available GreenTech Visits have four offers for municipalities that are planning to build new sustainable areas within in the city.

Energy symbiosis – Händelö

On the small island of Händelö, a part of the city of Norrköping in East Sweden there is a remarkable energy symbiosis where a waste incineration plant sends steam to fuel a grain based ethanol production plant from where the residuals go back to the agricultural sector as fodder. The ethanol plant also sends some of its residuals to the adjacent biogas production plant that otherwise mainly uses biodegradable waste from the surrounding region to produce bio-methane to fuel both private and public vehicles with the worlds most environmentally friendly vehicle fuel

Hammarby Sjöstadsverk

Interactive training – waste management & recycling

Bring your local waste management related problems to the program in order to let our experts penetrate and understand them. This will allow us to apply our experience and knowhow in the process of setting up an action plan towards business-oriented solutions.

Interactive training – water management and biogas

Bring your local water and bio-degradable waste related problems to the program in order to let our experts penetrate and understand them. This will allow us to apply our experience and knowhow in the process of setting up an action plan towards business-oriented solutions.

Karlskronahem Fossil Free Buildings

The municipal housing company Karlskronahem in the city of Karlskrona has succeeded to almost completely eliminate oil from its heating systems. This has been done by a number of innovative projects involving the innovative use of heat from the sea and from air in a number of different ways. The company has also installed solar panels for the production of electricity, displaying the production figures to tenants in order to engage them in energy saving activities.

Making money from waste

Do you have a waste problem and need ideas on how to deal with it? Do you want to make money as well? Learn from some of the best in the world and visit Gävle region in northern Sweden. Attend our 5-day technical visit programme on urban waste management and leave with ideas, real life examples and new contacts that will help you along the way.

The world’s premier research and innovation environment in Lund

MAX IV, a world-class giant microscope, will be completed in 2015, and ESS, the globe’s most powerful neutron source, will begin construction in 2014. These research laboratories will make it possible for scientists to study in-depth the building blocks of different materials. Together, the investments for these research facilities are equal to those for the Öresund Bridge.

Waste Safari in Dalarna

Green Business Region offers a five-day programme focusing on sustainable waste management in the Dalarna region. The programme focuses on the twin cities Falun and Borlänge and the village Tällberg by the lake Siljan – a beautiful part of Dalarna with a rich cultural heritage.

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