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Again AB

Again offers the best technique available on the market today for nutrient recycling from your household wastewater streams.

Again´s solutions for houses and apartments are based on academic research in wastewater treatment technologies with focus on sustainability and recycling for agricultural purposes.

House owners who will choose our technique will get a reliable and problem-free solution for wastewater treatment; a solution with complies with today’s and tomorrow’s requirements for both discharge limits and nutrient recycling.

Moreover, our wastewater technique based on maximal nutrient recovery will give the real estate owners or building companies the advantage so often needed for their environmental profile and competitiveness.

Again´s technique

We are using our own special natural additive (patenting in progress) to precipitate most of macronutrients from urine. In this way we can catch > 98 % of P and at least 50 %, but usually 75 % of N from urine. The precipitate is dried and can be pelletized.

This dry, complex fertilizer is an excellent nutrient source for the plants directly in own gardens or for spreading in agriculture.

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