North Sweden Cleantech


The forest has always been a major industry in North Sweden and the largest use of forest raw materials today is pulp for manufacturing paper products and sawn timber. By utilizing the industry’s residual process streams, new valuable and fossil free products with great potential can be developed. This is in line with the vision that Sweden should be a bioeconomy by 2050.

North Sweden has a large number of bio-based industries. Processum support and initiate research and development within biorefinery. Together with other biorefinery initiatives, the cluster with partners from industry and academy constitutes an important hub for development of new products, processes and energy solutions from wood raw material and residual streams from the process industry.

Some examples of projects in which Processum is involved are single cell protein for use in fish feed, covering of mine waste with green liquor sludge, different products and biofuels from lignin, development of green chemicals etc. Early 2017 Europe’s first pilot plant for nanocrystalline cellulose will be built. In Örnsköldsvik there is also the Biorefinery Demo Plant.

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