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Dec December

Smart City Sweden West

  • Organization: Trafikkontoret POLIS
    • Countries: Europe
  • Focus Areas: Mobility
  • UN Goals: Sustainable cities and communities
Dec December

Smart City Sweden HQ

    • Countries: Greece
Dec December

Smart City Sweden HQ

  • Organization: Teno Energy Ltd
    • Countries: United Kingdom
  • Focus Areas: Urban Planning, Climate, Energy & Environment, Social Sustainability
  • Next Step (other):
    Teno Energy Ltd (http://tenoenergy.co.uk/index.html) – this company was established to exclusively serve district heat network clients. They provide financial mdoelling for district heat network projects. They have a wealth of experience in the field of district heating.

    For this visit they wish to learn more about how Sweden are managing to create heat using low and zero carbon sources with a view to potential partnerships. Tina Buchanan did make a trip to Gothenburg around a decade ago but is aware that technologies would have changed since and is eager to virtually visit.

Dec December

Smart City Sweden East

  • Organization: UAESP
    • Countries: Colombia
  • Focus Areas: Waste Management, Waste-to-energy, Climate, Energy & Environment
  • UN Goals: Responsible consumption & production
Dec December

Smart City Sweden HQ

  • Organization: ENNATUURLIJK
    • Countries: Netherlands
  • Focus Areas: Digitalisation, Urban Planning, Climate, Energy & Environment
Mar March

Smart City Sweden Southeast

May May

Smart City Sweden West

    • Countries: Finland, Sweden, France, Spain
  • Focus Areas: Digitalisation, Mobility, Digital Infrastructure
  • UN Goals: Industry, innovation & infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities
  • https://insightevents.se/vehicle-electronics-connected-services/

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