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Photo: Bäckelund, Borlänge Energi

About the region

Smart City Sweden Central covers the inland in central Sweden; Dalarna, Värmland, Gävleborg, Örebro and Västmanland. The area is characterized by its large forest assets with high natural values that add to the help of the forest for climate and transition to a fossil-free society. The green economy is of great importance and a prioritized topic.

The region takes a leading position in areas such as sustainable construction, where there are several examples of great knowledge within wood construction, sustainable renovation of buildings and system solutions for clean air as well as heating and cooling in general.

Recycling and waste management is a successful area and the region has been a precursor in the modernization of waste management in Sweden. In the transition to a circular economy, waste, biogas, water and district heating are four corner pillars. The region covers all these parts and more in several businesses, and they are linked by a “sustainable infrastructure” that makes the circular economy possible. The cooperation with the industry is a success factor and another important key factor is the efforts of each resident in their everyday lives in the form of sorting and recycling.

Bäckelund, Borlänge energi

Smart City Sweden Central includes the Bergslagen area, which is a distinguished mining and metal industry region, where sustainable mining is an interesting tourist destination. Several world-leading high-tech metal companies are located here, some with their mines and smelters, and has long-term investments in guaranteeing society’s access to the base and precious metals – from the mining of ore/minerals to production and supply of high-quality metal to the industry.

Electric power and automation technology are other strong business areas with world-leading companies, where the industry offers solutions for high performance combined with minimal environmental impact for energy companies and industries around the world. In Robotdalen and nearby areas, there is unique expertise and solid experience in robotics and application development and where new ideas are constantly being developed and tested in several test centers.

An upcoming business area that has taken the position both nationally and internationally is solar energy technology. The universities, Dalarna University and Karlstad University, conduct outstanding research and development as well as several educational programs, including one of the oldest solar energy education programs for 25 years. This, in combination with projects such as Glava Energy Center, provides a prominent development center, including testbeds at both regional, national and international levels, and which is open to companies and organizations that in one way or another conduct activities in the field of renewable energy or energy efficiency.

Other areas such as commerce, food and the tourism industry are also popular visitor destinations and are often combined with other visitor programs in tailor-made solutions for each visitor group.

Best practice in the region

Retuna Återbruksgalleria

ReTuna är världens första Återbruksgalleria. Här shoppar gästerna på ett helt nytt, klimatsmart sätt. Gamla saker tas till vara och får nytt liv genom reparation och upcycling. Allt som säljs är återbrukat, återanvänt, ekologiskt eller hållbart producerat. För hållbarhet handlar inte om att hålla tillbaka och leva mindre – utan om att åstadkomma mer med de resurser vi redan har.

Sustainable energy efficient renovation Tjärna Ängar

Renovation of old houses together with Dalarna University and Tunabyggen in a way that is better for the environment, better for the residents and cost-effective so that they can maintain a high renovation rate.
“A model is created for gentle renovation of public housing based on sustainability, both ecologically and socially and economically.”

Glava Energy Center

Glava Energy Center is an arena where different partners cooperate to create new opportunities for innovation, learning, development and testing in the field of especially PV-solar energy. The aim is to contribute to sustainable energy solutions and a more efficient use of energy.

North river bank – From dockland to sustainable urban area

Visit a showcase of innovative urban development.

Sälen Recycling Centre

Sälen Recycling Centre, where tourists can leave bulky waste, metal scrap, corrugated cardboard, small electronics and hazardous waste for free.

Falun Energy & Water – Combined bioenergy plant

District heating, district cooling, electricity and
wood pellets in a smart combination for the
next generation.

Gästrike återvinnare

Do you have a waste problem and need ideas on how to deal with it? Do you want to make money as well? Learn from some of the best in the world and visit Gävle region in northern Sweden.

Here you can visit waste management sites, biogas plants, compost plants and energy from waste plants and meet with knowledgeable waste management experts.

Västermalmsverket Falun – Heat and power from biomass

World’s first eco-labeled heating!

As the first company in the world, Falun Energy & Water now delivers heating, cooling and electricity with Environmental Certification. The label sets very high standards for the goods accepted and is often called “the world’s toughest environmental label”.

Mora Recycling Centre

A world class recycle centre where the households can leave their bulky waste, garden waste, electronic waste and hazardous waste. It is also possible to hand in items for reuse.

Borlänge waste water treatment plants

Purification of waste water in Borlänge

Wastewater irrigation of Salix Plantations – Hedemora Energy

The largest and northern most full-scale system for wastewater irrigation of Salix plantations in Sweden.
The local community in Hedemora has long experience in producing biofuel from Salix plantations. The cooperation between Hedemora Energi AB and local farmers has resulted in irrigation of 75 acres of Salix Plantations. The local farmers in the project are guaranteed to sell their biofuel to the local municipal heating plant. As a result the project is contributing to the local production and consumption.

Fågelmyra recycling centre

Fågelmyra is Borlänge municipality recycling center. This is where bulky waste is placed. Borlange residents sort their waste into containers or as hazardous waste. All containers are signposted and marked to facilitate the sorting.

High Voltage Valley Walk – interactive tour of ABB Ludvika

Experience the world unique arena for research, innovation and new technology in electric power engineering with focus on smart grids during an interactive walk in the hometown of ABB Ludvika.

A study visit takes 2-3h.

Björnhyttans recycling centers – mechanical sorting

Extraction of compostable soil from household waste

Future Position X – Geographic Information Technology Cluster

Future Position X is Europe’s leading cluster for innovative and expanding use of Geographic Information Technology.

The Future´s Museum – Science Centre in Borlänge

The Future´s Museum is a Science Centre aiming to stimulate interest and curiosity for science and technology.

Falu Recycling Centre

One of Falu Energi & Vatten’s businesses is Waste Management. These include the Falu Recycling Plant that takes care of all household waste and a large part of the waste from private sectors in Falun Municipality.

Hedbergs Tak – Sweden’s most energy efficient industrial building

With the right technology and with smart materials has Hedbergs Tak managed to construct one of Sweden’s most energy efficient industrial buildings.

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