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Smart City Sweden West provides high-quality study tours, expertise, inspiration and useful business contacts. We offer our services to decision-makers in the public and private sectors who are facing environment-related challenges in a global market, and to regional companies seeking international business partners.

We connect international stakeholders with environmental technology providers and companies in Western Sweden that contribute to green systems solutions. Our study tours showcase green forerunners in the west of Sweden. We set up unique visit programs in the fields of urban development, transport, waste management and energy.

Strong mobility cluster

West Sweden has one of the strongest clusters in Europe within the transport area with high competence within areas such as electromobility, autonomous driving and public transport. The region offers many advanced testbeds and science parks and strong research actors. The project ElectriCity is an example of how new electric public transport solutions are tested in a city environment. Some of our innovative transport companies are Volvo Group, CleanMotion, Velove and Ericsson.

Heating & Cooling

Gothenburg has a very advanced and sustainable system for heating and cooling. Approximately 90 % of the city are connected to district heating and the district cooling network is expanding. A digital platform for buying and selling heating, cooling and electricity have also been developed and tested successfully on a university campus area (FED – Fossil-free Energy Districts). Many innovative projects are initiated by our science parks but also by the municipal companies. Examples of innovative energy companies are ÅF-Technology AB, Ecopilot, Metry and Wideco.

Urban development

In Gothenburg, Scandinavia’s largest development project is located. 100 billion euros will be invested in properties and infrastructure between 2016 and 2035. There are vast opportunities for companies interested in doing business within these sectors. Our region has a strong tradition of sharing and discussing urban development issues with citizens. Älvrummet is an excellent example of how people can learn and take part in the expansion of the city. Examples of companies within urban development are Bengt Dahlgren, Kjellgren Kaminsky, Liljewall and Infracontrol.

Waste management

We also make waste useful through a wide range of innovative systems for utilisation. Waste is recycled into new materials, combusted to generate electricity and heat, or gasified into vehicle fuel. Private companies and public utilities are developing solutions to ensure long-term, sustainable growth in the recycling and waste sector. Outstanding regional research and development also advance the areas of waste prevention and recycling. One example is Renova, that combusts waste to create energy in a world-class plant. Innovative waste-related companies in our region are Stena Recycling, Scandinavian Enviro System, Mycorena, Centriair, among others. 

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Best practice in the region

Gothenburg Smart District Cooling

The City of Gothenburg in Sweden uses a district cooling system powered by the cool flows from Göta älv.

LIMA – Lindholmen Integrated Mobility Arena

The travel app LIMA is being tested at Lindholmen – solves services with one click


DenCity develops innovative solutions for sustainable passenger and freight mobility in dense neighbourhoods, with high standards of attractiveness, accessibility and sustainability.

A Working Lab – Akademiska Hus

Akademiska Hus is now broadening its offering of services by launching a national concept for co-working, makerspace, short contracts, learning lab and other flexible meeting places.

BRF Viva – Positive Footprint housing

2019 Brf Viva was announced the Environmental Building of the Year in Sweden Green Building Awards. Brf Viva has been built to become Sweden’s most sustainable and innovative housing project.

Geofencing – Digitalising transport

Geofencing is a virtual geographical perimeter, which enables cities to create green zones where vehicles are restricted, digitally, and forced to switch to electric drive for instance. Within this zone smart vehicles can be limited or controlled to some extent.

Älvstaden, Frihamnen – a new district in the heart of Gothenburg

Älvstaden is the Nordic region’s largest urban development project. Central Gothenburg will grow to double size and the sustainability ambitions of the project are high. By strengthening the core, meeting the water and the whole city, an inclusive, green and dynamic inner-city is created. Within the City of Gothenburg, work is underway to reduce the differences in living conditions for the inhabitants. According to the governance document for social sustainability, Program for an Equal City 2018-2026, the city’s physical environments should create the conditions for socio-economic integration, security and cohesion.

FED – The Fossil-free Energy Districts project

The Fossil-free Energy Districts project, FED – a unique local digital marketplace for electricity, heating and cooling at Johanneberg Science Park.

More Best Practices

Visit programs in the region

A Biogas hotspot

Göteborg Energi sees biogas as one of the most important renewable fuels of the future and a key to the transition to a fossil-free society.

ElectriCity – Cooperation for sustainable public transport

Gothenburg is currently the scene of ElectriCity – an exciting cooperative venture bringing together industry, research and society in the development and testing of solutions for next-generation sustainable public transport.


See how Gothenburg develops flexible and sustainable mobility solutions and services using electrical vehicles. Focusing on higher transport efficiency and sustainability, the city runs an array of leading projects in the field.

Future living

How do we live in the future? HSB Living Lab is a research and demonstration arena, consisting of actual homes for students and guest researchers.

Goods transport

This tour shows Gothenburg’s different strategies for greener goods transport.

Gothenburg Energy – District heating and remote cooling

Gothenburg solves its energy challenges with a combination of previous initiatives and new technology. District heating was first introduced back in the 1950s, and the whole of Gothenburg is heated with energy that would otherwise have been wasted.

IRIS – Smart cities

City of Gothenburg will in the project IRIS, together with Utrecht and Nice, address to the urgent need to deliver energy and mobility services in a more sustainable way, and contribute to a more urban quality of life. For five years the project will continue to test and work with smart city solutions on many levels, and with different stakeholders in cooperation for the best added value.

North river bank – From dockland to sustainable urban area

Visit a showcase of innovative urban development.

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Companies in the region

2050 Consulting AB

Sustainability consultancy that help clients towards sustainability and increased profitability

AB Akron Maskiner

Akron is Sweden’s leading biomass and grain handling solutions provider, serving agricultural and industrial customers globally.

AB Joraform

Since 1990, Joraform has developed and marketed compost machines for local composting of domestic waste.

AB Regin

Guided by a vision of people’s well-being in a sustainable future, the Regin Group creates technical solutions within building automation that optimize the energy consumption in buildings. The solutions also enable tailored indoor comfort for people all over the world.


ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.

Absolent AB

Absolent AB is a supplier of air cleaning equipment for collection of oil mist and oil smoke particles in industrial operations.

Acosense AB

Acosense is a Swedish high tech company that develops and markets Acospector® Acoustic Chemometer, an innovation for non-invasive fluid analysis in real-time.

Affectus AB

Affectus has developed systems for the energy sector and industry, installed around the world since 1994. In the energy sector, Affectus Alba collects data from meters in substations or on properties while in the industry sector data is collected from machines, materials and products.

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