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Head Office
Hammarby Kaj 18, 4th floor
SE-120 30 Stockholm, Sweden

Smart City Sweden has six regional offices that receive international delegations from all over the world. Each region presents its strength areas on their respective pages where you also can browse each region’s collection of best practice.

Head Office

Johan Strandberg

  • Project Manager
  • Smart City Sweden
  • Johan Strandberg is Acting Project Manager until our recruitment process for a new Project Manager is finished

Lidia Partheni

Östen Ekengren

Rebecca Larson

Smart City Sweden North

Jenny Åkermark

Sanna Näsström

Smart City Sweden Central

Sara Skärhem

Smart City Sweden West

Sofia Mc Conell

Anki Gustafsson

Smart City Sweden East

Ambjörn Lätt

Smart City Sweden South-East

Johan Rydberg

Sara Malmgren

Smart City Sweden South

Håkan Rosqvist

Heidi Olsson

Linda-Marie Björkemar

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