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Sustainable energy efficient renovation Tjärna Ängar

Renovation of a million program houses together with Högskolan Dalarna and Tunabyggen in a way that is better for the environment, better for the residents and cost-effective so that they can maintain a high renovation rate.
“A model is created for gentle renovation of public housing based on sustainability, both ecologically and socially and economically.”

Glava Energy Center

Glava Energy Center is an arena where different partners cooperate to create new opportunities for innovation, learning, development and testing in the field of especially PV-solar energy. The aim is to contribute to sustainable energy solutions and a more efficient use of energy.

Hulta preschool – built with inspiration from Cradle to Cradle®

Ronneby Municipality invests in Cradle to cradle® as a method to achieve circular economy, healthy materials, diversity and renewable energy. The method implies a positive attitude that has been implemented in Hulta preschool, with an environment of conscious material choices and unique outdoor environment and pedagogy.

Let the nature do the work – Stockholm Royal Seaport

Stockholm Royal Seaport, one of the world’s biggest urban planning projects, has developed an integrated stormwater system that purifies and delays storm- and meltwater before it is released into the sea. The system connects green roofs and rooftop gardens with ponds, open storm drain water and surface water drain and urban greenery.

GreenNano – Innovative Stormwater Management

“GreenNano – innovative stormwater management” is a research and innovation project where 25 partners jointly develop, implement and evaluate innovative methods and solutions for sustainable stormwater management. GreenNano makes cities more attractive and helps create cleaner watercourses and a better natural environment.

Stormwater Management

DRIZZLE is a competence centre committed to excellent needs-driven research, and to develop pioneering stormwater solutions that minimize pollution loads on receiving waters; that minimize the risk for urban flooding; and that capture the opportunities that stormwater runoff can offer.

Aesthetically pleasing recycling center which runs on solar energy

The recycling center in Arkelstorp has been recently rebuilt. A lot of focus went to creating as aesthetically pleasing area which blended into its surroundings.

Science heats the city

In the new city district Brunnshög in Lund the world’s largest LTDH network is being built. The network is based almost exclusively on fossil free surplus heat recovered from the MAX IV facility.

A Working Lab – Akademiska Hus

Akademiska Hus is now broadening its offering of services by launching a national concept for co-working, makerspace, short contracts, learning lab and other flexible meeting places.

KTH Live-In Lab – Testbeds for Accelerated Innovation

KTH Live-In Lab offers something as unique as a full-scale test beds, ranging from apartments, education building, hotel, changeable interior design and infrastructure, database for user and property data, and a very valuable collaboration platform.

BRF Viva Building House Association

Energy storage in the Viva housing association is part of the research project Riksbyggen Positive Footprint Housing. There is also a connection to the ElectriCity cooperation through the bus batteries that will be utilised. This can be used as leverage in the communication about energy storage.

Vallastaden – a city district planned for and by its residents

As a city district, Vallastaden is unique in itself. Nearly 1000 residences have been built by 40 different developers – all in record time. The result is a vibrant urban district centered around its residents.

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