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Electric busses adapted to cold climate

It is a big challenge with electric vehicles in northern Europe is to adapt them to the cold climate, both in regard to function and comfort for passengers and drivers. In Umeå in Northern Sweden there is a company that has managed to develop a technology that makes it possible to run the buses even during a very cold winter day as well as a hot sunny day with advanced air heating/cold system.

The world’s tallest wooden building

Sara Cultural Centre – the world’s tallest timber building is located in Skellefteå. The building will be housing venues for arts, performance and literature as well as a hotel. Located just below the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, Skellefteå has a long tradition of timber building; this was the primary inspiration behind the international competition winning design for the city’s new cultural centre.

Smart Living lab in the University district of Umeå

Umeå is a fast growing city in Northern Sweden with progressive and environmentally-friendly citizens. Located 600 km north of Stockholm, the 11th largest city in Sweden has a subarctic climate, with short and fairly warm summers, but lengthy and freezing winters. Umeå will continue to grow with ecological, economic and social sustainability. The purpose is to reduce the city’s CO₂ emissions through less energy use and sustainable transports. By developing smart business models and working methods, we will ensure that we will continue to be innovative when we are developing the sustainable city.

Sharing economy contribution to a smart and sustainable city

The city of Umeå are working actively and critically with the sharing economy. The city has developed testbeds for the sharing economy in the city. Through testbeds, sharing services and digital solutions have been developed.

Gender equality and inclusion central in urban planning

What do a bus station, a park and a tunnel say about equality and gender issues? With the objective to underline the importance of gender equality and to show actions and results of a long-term work in the city, Umeå in Northern Sweden.

How to reduce the carbon footprint in the transport sector

The use of district heating/cooling for parked aircraft to reduce the carbon emissions at airports.

Energy production with zero emissions- the future of energy production

Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center- innovation of a sustainable energy system

Gothenburg Smart District Cooling

The City of Gothenburg in Sweden uses a district cooling system powered by the cool flows from Göta älv.

LIMA – Lindholmen Integrated Mobility Arena

The travel app LIMA is being tested at Lindholmen – solves services with one click


DenCity develops innovative solutions for sustainable passenger and freight mobility in dense neighbourhoods, with high standards of attractiveness, accessibility and sustainability.

Retuna Återbruksgalleria

ReTuna är världens första Återbruksgalleria. Här shoppar gästerna på ett helt nytt, klimatsmart sätt. Gamla saker tas till vara och får nytt liv genom reparation och upcycling. Allt som säljs är återbrukat, återanvänt, ekologiskt eller hållbart producerat. För hållbarhet handlar inte om att hålla tillbaka och leva mindre – utan om att åstadkomma mer med de resurser vi redan har.

Sustainable logistics for a smart city

Logistics cluster Östergötland is an arena and a network for innovation and development within logistics solutions. By engaging people from different businesses in a variety of challenges, new ideas and solutions for a more sustainable logistics are developed.

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