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biogas chargingPhoto: Biogas charging

Biogas tour

The transport sector contributes to a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions, which need to decrease to reach the Global Goals by 2030. Sweden has one of the highest proportions of biofuels in the transport sector in the EU.

This tour takes us along the process of how food waste is upgraded to vehicle fuel. Note that this tour can only be accessed with a guide. To join the virtual tour, please contact us.

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Christian Baresel at Hammarby sjöstadsverkPhoto: Hammarby sjöstadsverk

Wastewater treatment in Stockholm

In the south of Stockholm, the wastewater treatment plant Hammarby sjöstadsverk is located, where new technologies to treat wastewater are tested and developed.

Join this tour to learn more about the current pilots, get to know the people at Hammarby sjöstadsverk, or try out your own skills by taking the quiz.

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Outside the preschool Hoppet in GothenburgPhoto: Anders Hall, City of Gothenburg, Hoppet preschool

Sustainable preschool Hoppet

In Gothenburg, an innovation project has been carried out with the aim to construct a fossil-free preschool with no carbon footprint throughout the whole lifecycle of the building.

Jump in to this virtual tour to learn all about the efforts that have been made in the building process of Hoppet.

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Visualisation over famous landmarks in GothenburgPhoto: Green Gothenburg

Sustainable mobility

Gothenburg is famous for its work with sustainable mobility solutions.

In this tour, you can explore last mile solutions, automatisation, electromobility. and more.

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Residential wooden houses in Växjö and blue skyPhoto: Residential houses in Växjö

Building with wood

Come along to the municipality of Växjö, where 50 % of the new buildings is built with wood. Wooden construction has a wide range of positive effects, such as a better working environment for the builders, lower CO2 emissions and a more pleasant atmosphere.

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HSB living lab facadePhoto: HSB Living Lab

Innovative & energy-efficient buildings

Get onboard on this tour in Sweden’s second-biggest city: Gothenburg.

Discover smart sustainability solutions in these three award-winning buildings: HSB Living Lab, A Working Lab, and the housing cooperative Riksbyggen Brf Viva.

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Buildings and blue sky at KTH living labPhoto: KTH live-in lab

KTH live-in lab

Take a look inside KTH Live-In Lab, a platform for accelerated innovation in the real-estate sector with a focus on digitalisation and sustainability.

KTH Live-In Lab offers a full-scale test environment ranging from buildings and installations to housing and management organizations. Research and testing can be carried out in real buildings, which means that not only the product or service itself is evaluated, but also how each component contributes to the performance of the building as a whole.

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