Veg Tech AB (publ)

Veg Tech AB (publ)

Veg Tech is active in the vegetation technology area.

The purpose of the vegetation technology is to use plants as a solution for technological problems.

Veg Tech AB tackles some more or less environmentally related problems with plants natural characteristics. By covering roofs and frontages with vegetation Veg Tech improves the city climate. Other effects the vegetation brings are reduced outflow of surface water, air cleaning and as a noise reducer.

Wide solutions
Veg Tech offers several products and solutions within the vegetation technology area but also offers wide solutions for vegetation on roofs and frontages, green backyards, protection against erosion and water cleaning.

Great advantage

The company started early with vegetation of roofs and covers competence on both structural engineering and vegetation technology which can be seen as a great advantage as those two areas are central for this business.

Visit Veg Tech’s website for reference objects and pictures.

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