Vimek AB

Vimek AB

At Vimek we are specialists in manufacturing small forest machines. We believe that wisdom is inherited. In 60 years from now, our children will take care of the forest as carefully as our grandfathers have. It is about creating value for future generations. We call it Vimek thinning concept, forest owners call it easy and simple.

By using Vimek, forest owners do not create wide forest roads by removing an unnecessary number of trees, the trees stay, so your forest will be less sensitive to storms and provide higher quality wood. That is thinning, high quality thinning by the Vimek concept.

– Machines with low fuel consumption thanks to small, effective and powerful engines
– Machines with low ground pressure which reduces the risk of damaging the important root system of remaining standing trees
– Unique harvester with dual turning function – turns both at the waist and at the front axle
– 4 type of forwarders in different sizes and for different needs
– Overall cost effective technical solutions.
– Machines with unique technical solutions and patents

Vimek delivers today our products to more than 25 countries around the world, in Europe, North, Latin and South America and Asia.

New potential business partners and customers in eastern European countries and countries in the south-east Europe.

Category/ Forestry, Transport

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