EK Power Solutions AB

EK Power Solutions AB

EK Power Solutions is the Nordic region’s leading design house for power electronics and PCB-layout. Our speciality is custom design development and delivery of power supply, motor drives, battery charging and PCB-layout. We have delivered design services since 1978.

Whether you need an AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/AC, a frequency converter, electric motor drive or battery charger, we have the experts. We work throughout every stage of the development – from idea to finished product. EK Power Solutions can also deliver series production units.

Our strength is to design robust products for demanding environments. High quality and reliability requirements are our everyday lives. We always look for the best overall system solution. As a customer, you have access to our entire team, our entire collective experience and dedicated engineers, even after project completion.

In our premises, we have a 300 sqm modern and well-equipped electronics lab, including EMC and environmental measurement capabilities. We have also expert skills in the design of printed circuit boards and how PCB-layouts need to be designed to comply with both electrical safety and EMC requirements.

EK Power Solutions have customers in all kind of industry sectors where the requirements are demanding. Our clients include some of the world’s most technology-intensive companies in automation, power generation, telecommunications, railway, automotive, marine and defence.

We are ISO 9001 & 14001 certified. Through our environmental certification, we want to demonstrate our engagement for long-term, sustainable development. We focus on the products’ environmental performance right from the start. With the high efficiency and limited power losses of our design solutions, we contribute to a better environment.

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