E.ON Värme Sverige AB

E.ON Värme Sverige AB

E.ON Sverige produces and supplies energy and energy-related services to approximately one million customers. The goal is success that builds on customer benefits and social responsibility.

Global trends – like sustainability and climate protection, digitalization and technological innovation – are altering the energy landscape. At the same time, the customers’ energy needs are changing. The result of these changes is a brand new energy world – decentralized, green, and interconnected – that E.ON must adapt to.

E.ON Sverige provides energy solutions for this new energy world. They are now working towards Vision 2025 which means that they aim to offer 100% renewable and recycled energy to their customers by 2025.

The world continues to urbanise. And E:ONSS full range of smart city solutions – low-carbon local energy generation, energy-smart building technology, digitally networked energy infrastructure, and e-mobility – enables cities to grow and develop sustainably.

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