Södra is an economic association with a membership base of 50,000 forest owners. Its key function is to secure markets for its members´ forest products and contribute to the profitability of their forestry.

Södra members own a total of 36,000 forest estates, representing more than half the privately owned forest in south of Sweden. They are also owners of a forest industry group active on the Swedish and international market.

Södra has four business areas: Södra Skog, Södra Cell, Södra Timber and Södra Interiör. They purchase and process the members´ forest raw materials into pulp, sawn timber, interior wood products and energy. The association also own Trivselhus, one of Sweden´s leading house manufactures. Södra is also a major employer. Some 3,800 employees are involved in everything from forest management and conservation to production, product development, counting and sales.

Sustainability permeates all of Södra´s operations, from seed to finished product. Wood raw materials not only form part of a sustainable eco-cycle, but are also 100-per cent renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Södra is constantly working to reduce the environmental impact from its operation.

An efficient use of resources and the ‘eco-cycle’ principle form the basis for Södra´s environmental work.

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