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With a network filled with contacts and expertise, LignoCity2.0 can help you find the way to the right people with the right set of skills. We offer necessary resources such as workshops, industry entrance support, facilities and financing. With lignin we create favorable environmentally and economically solutions.

Product and business development

LignoCity2.0, or its full name: Low carbon economy through the development of LignoCity, is a project focusing on commercializing sustainable processes and products linked to lignin.

The goal is to make it easier for small and medium-sized companies and innovators to take the step from idea to market. We will also work to develop the area of ​​use for an underutilized raw material, minimize costs and time between development phases and lead cooperation platforms for lignin-development.

To speed up the business process, we have put together an offer: GO. In three different packages we offer support to pave the way and “open doors”. We have gathered knowledge, expertise, experience, tools, instruments, industrial environments, financing advice and support. In other words – everything you might need to reach the goal as soon as possible to a minimize of costs. The process takes small steps in a protected but forward-driving environment.

LignoCity2.0 is expected to lead to more business start-ups in Värmland. The test bed LignoCity is located in Bäckhammar, next to the Nordic Paper mill . There is good production of lignin and since the start in 2006 there is ongoing research in place. The purpose is to create a centre where ideas are brought together and opportunities for commercial development are identified and supported.

The LignoCity2.0 project reaches over three years and is expected to generate both new products and companies. It extends internationally and is a unique collaboration between RISE Research Institute of Sweden, Paper Province, the Municipality of Kristinehamn and Karlstad University.

Test facility, materials and experience
As a company or innovator, you are in good hands if you turn to LignoCity2.0 for development with lignin. We have many years of experience from working with and researching the material. At the test facility in Bäckhammar we have the resources necessary to practically explore possibilities with lignin linked to new products.

Today, the plant is the only one in the world that can produce tailored lignin qualities in enough quantities for scale up production.

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