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Barkarbystadens testbäddsarena

Barkarby Science and Testbädd Barkarbystaden is based on the global sustainability goals in 2030 and focuses on the following four program areas: the attractive city, the circular city, the climate-smart city and the mobility of the future.

Testbed Barkarbystaden

In Barkarbystaden, Barkarby Science offers a unique arena for innovating, testing and collaborating on the sustainable solutions of the future. Barkarby Science drives the development of the smart city and is the link between business, needs owners, the public sector, academia and residents. The testbed Barkarbystaden gives the opportunity  to test innovations in a large urban development project – together we test the sustainable future!

What makes Barkarbystaden’s testbed special are;

It is an empty canvas – a brand new city is to be built.
There are residents to test with and for.
The size- 1,000 new homes are to be built per year.
The duration, the city’s construction is planned until 2032.
Location, proximity to communications and to the Capital – Stockholm.

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