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Urban ICT Arena

An open test bed and co-creation arena in Kista, where the potential of digitization can be developed, tested and displayed in an urban environment. The arena consists of 4 layers.

Urban ICT Arena is an open testbed and co-creation arena for the development of the smart and sustainable city.

Urban ICT Arena is divided into four layers where project owners and partners can develop, test and showcase their innovations and solutions to help develop tomorrow’s sustainable and smart cities.

The following organizations are Founding Partners of Urban ICT Arena: Ericsson, IBM Sverige, ABB, The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm University, RISE ICT, the City of Stockholm and the Stockholm County Administrative Board.

Urban ICT Arena consists of four layers:

  • a hardware layer with wired and wireless networks for transport of data generated by sensors and citizens in the city.
  • a software layer where the collected data can be stored, accessed, provided, sorted or analyzed in different digital platforms and artificial intelligences.
  • a service layer where different services for the city can be developed, tested and show cased.
  • a business model layer where organization, processes, methods, models, administration, innovation, relations will be explored and developed.

Urban ICT Arena consist of over 40 partners and 60 projects – from companies both large and small to students, researchers, and various experts and funders from industry, academia and the public sector.

Read more at www.urbanictarena.se 

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