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Airwatergreen AB

Airwatergreen is a pioneer in the field of humidity control and has developed Cold Condensation.

Airwatergreen AB design, manufacture and sell products for air dehumidification in all climatic conditions. The products are very energy efficient and easy to install and maintain.
The company’s products effectively remove moisture and odor, to secure the quality and sustainability of buildings, goods and equipment. And to create a healthier workplace environment. Today we have more than 300 installations in mainly the Nordic countries.

The products are design based on a new patented dehumidification technology called Warm condensation. With this technology it is possible to condensate moisture with drastically improved energy efficiency and at all temperatures. This open up a range of new applications where it has not previously been possible to dehumidify air in a good way.
Airwatergreen has offices in Uppsala and Malmö.

300+ installations in the Nordic countries

Uppsala north of Stockholm and in Malmö

Product application areas:
Water and Sewage infrastructure, Distributed heating infrastructure, Buildings (basement and attic), Non heated storage

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Airwatergreen AB

Airwatergreen is a pioneer in the field of humidity control and has developed Cold Condensation.

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