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2MA Technology

2MA Technology AB offers ISA, intelligent speed adaptation.

Alelion Energy Systems AB

Alelion Energy Systems AB are pioneers within lithium-ion battery technology.

We work primarily with vehicles and materials handling, especially electric forklift trucks and other vehicles for storage and transport where lithium-ion technology is of great benefit to our customers’ businesses and the environment we all share.

Cactus Utilities AB

Cactus creates systems that help our customers optimise and control the management of railway traffic, water treatment and energy plants.

Clean Motion AB

Our electric vehicle Zbee, is ideal for short distance transportation of up to three people and smaller goods. It is ultra-light to reach unprecedented efficiency and driving economy.

Ericsson AB

Ericsson is a provider of telecommunications equipment and services to mobile and fixed network operators, present in more than 180 countries.

Fält Communications AB

Fältcom connects the world through the Internet of Things. With Fältcom’s MIIPS platform and its apps, you can control, monitor, or analyze machines, buildings, and systems over the Internet.

Greater Than

Greater Than have developed a technology, based on deep machine learning and AI, that can analyze driving and assess risk in real-time.

Hybricon Bus Systems AB

Hybricon Bus Systems AB, develops and manufactures the world’s most energy-efficient, clean and quiet buses for public transport. Our Ultrafast Charge buses can run continuously around the clock on pure electric power. We also produce over night charging buses. Hybricons headquarters, where the company’s production facility is also located, is in Holmsund outside Umeå. The climate in this relative proximity to the Arctic Circle is a perfect testing environment for cold-testing of its products. Energy efficiency, ultra-fast charging and modularized key components together constitute a set of unique features of the company’s buses.

Icomera AB

Icomera enables the Connected Journey with our high-performance wireless Internet connectivity and a range of services that run seamlessly through this connectivity.

I-Tech AB

Tomorrow’s antifouling technogoy – prohibiting growth on ship and boat hulls.

Kompauto Nordic AB

Kompauto Nordic Ab offers instruments and services for measuring and controlling all types of flows and leakage. Our focus is on mass flow meters for gas, liquid and air, but we also have a wide range of valves. Our expertise is in biogas, heat / water / sewage.

Leosol energi AB

Leosol can help you with energy declarations, energy audits, build permit calculations and logging of different energy statistics.

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