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Advenica AB

Advenica is a Swedish IT company that develops, manufactures and sells innovative cybersecurity solutions and provide services to succeed in a connected world.

Affectus AB

Affectus has developed systems for the energy sector and industry, installed around the world since 1994. In the energy sector, Affectus Alba collects data from meters in substations or on properties while in the industry sector data is collected from machines, materials and products.

Afriso Ema AB

Afriso’s product range consists mainly of products and services that contribute to a better environment and safer workplace.

Again AB

Again offers the best technique available on the market today for nutrient recycling from your household wastewater streams.

Againity AB

Converts low-temperature waste heat into electricity through an in-house developed ORC system

Ahlqvist & Almqvist arkitekter AB

25 years experience of sustainable urban development

Ailiinnovation Scandinavia AB

Ailiinnovation Scandinavia AB is an innovation company focused entirely on developing environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions that can improve the living conditions of millions of people worldwide.

Air Liquid Gas AB

World leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health,

Airwatergreen AB

Airwatergreen is a pioneer in the field of humidity control and has developed Cold Condensation.

Aktiebolaget Jan Falk Engineering

Falk Engineering operate in the field of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment.

Aktiebolaget John E Öhrén (JÖAB)

For over 50 years, JÖAB have manufactured and installed wood chip and sawdust heating systems, adapted to manage fuel of various quality and moisture. They produce heating systems from 20 kW – 2 MW.

Aktiebolaget Strängbetong

Energy saving systems

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