Denim sorted at Siptex, the world’s first large-scale facility for sorting textiles, was used as material in a contest pointing out the possibilities of prolonging the life of old clothes. The winner of the best design was a beautiful armchair.

The waste plant in Malmö, Sysav, wants to contribute to making textile life longer. With the world’s first large-scale automatic facility for sorting textile, Siptex, they are breaking ground by sorting textiles both by colour and fibre composition.

As a way to point out the possibilities of making clothes and fabric last longer Sysav this spring arranged the contest RE: DENIM. They invited contestants to make new products from sorted denim clothes from Siptex.

The result was overwhelming. New clothes, dolls, bags, dog clothes, flowerpots, protection for bicycle saddles, a lamp and an armchair were innovative contributions submitted with the armchair as the winner of the Best design. The bag on the photo was named the winner of the Best potential for commercialization.

The reason for choosing denim as material in the contest is that denim fabric made of cotton accounts for a very large climate impact throughout the life cycle: pesticides, water consumption, chemicals, fertilizers, energy and transport. In addition, working conditions in cultivation and manufacturing are often unsustainable.

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