Smart City Sweden will take part in Sweden’s major innovation investment for the 2030s, Impact Innovation, which will increase the pace of the green transition to a sustainable society.

A wide range of actors is collaborating in the Impact Innovation programmes, from business, public activities, academia and civil society. In total, about half a billion SEK of government funding will be allocated to the selected programmes.

– When the programs are in place, Sweden will be one of the countries that shows the way for the green transition, while at the same time, our competitiveness is strengthened. With Impact Innovation, we increase our collective ability to take on societal challenges in an innovative way that accelerates the transition towards a sustainable society, says Robert Andrén, director general of the Energy Agency.

Smart City Sweden will be part of Wave – Water for Vital Environments, which will bring about a system change for the management of water resources and related infrastructure. The goal is a future where water is available in the right quantity and quality despite a changing climate. The programme is led by RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden.

Smart City Sweden will also take a small part in Shift2Access, a programme that brings together the construction and transport sectors to mobilize actors around three shifts: integrating the built environment and mobility into an ecosystem, circular business models and competitive alternatives to individual car travel. The programme is led by IQ Samhällsbyggnad.

Image of Gina Aspelin Hedbring– Water is a fundamental resource for life and economic growth – and crucial for sustainable development. Water-related risks are increasing globally, hence it is critical that we open for a shift in how we manage our water resources, so there will be enough good quality at the right place and time. At the same time, the mobility and construction industries are large emitters of CO2 and also where efforts need to be intensified. We look forward to working together with these two initiatives to make results and learnings available for all, says Gina Aspelin Hedbring, Project Manager at Smart City Sweden.

The two programmes will enable Smart City Sweden to put more focus and resources on the issues covered in the programmes and help implement them in other cities and communities around the world.

Impact innovation is an initiative by Vinnova (the Swedish Innovation Agency), Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency.

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