Green roofs, green walls and rain gardens in the city have many advantages. They delay the stormwater at sudden rainfalls, lower the temperature in densely built areas, strengthen the biological diversity and increase the well-being of the inhabitants.

To get more construction companies and property owners to integrate green solutions on buildings, experts at the Blue-Green City Lab testbed are evaluating different green solutions. The testbed gives advice on which solution to use for the specific need.

One of the pilot cases in the testbed is the green walls on two parking garages in Malmö. On the bare walls, flowers, green plants, and birdhouses were set up in 2019. Despite the dry and hot summer, the plants are growing well, and bees and other insects fly between the flowers. The coverage on the walls is good.

Elsewhere in the city, trees pulled up in different substrates have been planted out in containers, now with the same substrate for all trees.

Experts from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences will compare the root growth and stress resistance of the trees. Experts from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute and the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute are also involved in evaluating the different solutions.

Read more about the testbed and book a visit to Malmö to see blue-green solutions in the city here. 

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