In July, Smart City Sweden Central received a training request from Shenzhen Reform and Opening Up Executive Leadership Academy to have an online training lecture focused on the topic of Bio City and smart city solutions from Sweden.

The trainees are composed of 30 officials from Shenzhen governmental departments, including city planning and the environmental bureau. The purpose of the online lecture is to share successful experiences of how the Swedish government is preparing to rise to the environmental challenge, the government’s role and policies for meeting the global goals.

Ann-Louise Larsson, Project manager of Smart City Sweden Central, welcomed the 30 trainees in August and gave a 2-hour lecture about Smart City Sweden. During the lecture, Ann-Louise shared successful examples from the bio city Hammarby Sjöstad, a city district that used to have a reputation for being a run-down, polluted and unsafe industrial and residential area in In the early 1990s, but that is now one of Stockholm’s most attractive residential districts and a model of successful urban renewal.

The meeting was highly appreciated by Shenzhen Reform and Opening Up Executive Leadership Academy and the trainees look forward to paying a study visit to Hammarby Sjöstad in Sweden in the near future.

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