Environmental company Ragn-Sells has begun construction of a new facility for extracting valuable resources from fly ash from waste incineration, an investment of over EUR 55 million in circular industry. The new business supports Sweden’s official ambition to become the world’s first fossil-free welfare nation, according to Minister for Enterprise Ibrahim Baylan.

– I am pleased to see Ragn-Sells make this investment to contribute to the transition of our industry, and our goals regarding the circular economy and for Sweden to become the world’s first fossil-free welfare state, Swedish Minister for Enterprise Ibrahim Baylan says.

On Tuesday, a decorated construction vehicle ceremonially dug the first scoop of dirt from the ground at the Ragn-Sells circular facility at Högbytorp, in Bro northwest of Stockholm. Within two years, the new plant will be ready to receive 150,000 metric tonnes of fly ash each year. Several commercially valuable substances will be extracted from the ash, while toxic or undesired components are removed from circulation. 

– Circular solutions like this one reduce emissions, create jobs and build an entirely new Swedish export industry. We are very happy to see the Swedish government work to facilitate the transition to a circular economy, says Ragn-Sells Treatment & Detox CEO Mikael Hedström.

 The new facility is based around the Ash2Salt technology, a worldwide patent developed by Ragn-Sells innovation subsidiary EasyMining. The method enables the extraction of several substances of commercial value, such as salts of potassium, sodium and calcium, as well as the removal of toxins in the ash.

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