On the 14th of March, Smart City Sweden South welcomed a delegation from Turkey, including representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, to acquire experiences and knowledge within the mobility area. The delegation visited Evolution Road, the next generation of ERS (Electric Road System), demonstrated and tested in the municipality of Lund and Innovation Skåne.

The municipality of Lund has been appointed the best municipality in sustainable transport in Sweden for the past three years. Representatives from Innovation Skåne and the company Elonroad gave an overview of why Lund holds that top position. They presented how they within their projects test and create mobility solutions in Livings Labs in close collaboration with the citizens, how they create better access to public transport with bicycle pools and electric scooters and how they increase charging possibilities for electric cars at the stations.

At Elonroad, the visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the unique system and see a vehicle equipped with hardware to be able to charge while driving. A robust system for all kinds of weather. Different sensors for measuring for example temperature and humidity are integrated in the system which can register all vehicles that pass. Possibilities for a joint development project between the YASAR University and Elonroad was discussed.

Astrid Hackl, Project Manager at Smart City Sweden South, guided the delegation during the visits.

– The delegation was especially interested in the work with action-oriented innovation based on what society needs. Since Sweden has a long tradition of collaboration between government and private companies when it comes to developing innovations, I think we could pass on good inspiration and ideas on how to go about the issue, said Astrid Hackl.

The Turkish delegation visited Sweden on-site, however, Smart City Sweden also welcomes delegations digitally and offers virtual tours within some areas.

Read more about Evolution Road here

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