On the 9th of November, it was two years since the world’s largest fully battery operated ferries on a high-frequency route started sailing. With fewer emissions, less fume and less noise, you can enjoy a twenty-minute long ferry ride from Helsinborg in Sweden to Hamlet’s Elsinore in Denmark.

Between the cities Helsingborg in Sweden and Elsinore in Denmark, you will find the world’s largest fully battery operated ferries, on a high-frequency route. The two ferries are owned by ForSea and were converted to battery operation in 2015. With technology, ForSea can reduce the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 65 %. Not only does the technology reduce emissions, but it also reduces the use of energy with approximately 30-40 %.

The ferries run between Sweden and Denmark and are charged automatically every time the ferries moor in port.

If you are interested in visiting ForSea and their ferries, contact Smart City Sweden South. We can suggest a visiting programme for you that can be ready to go when the covid-19 pandemic makes it possible. In the meantime, read more here and check out the YouTube episode at Fully Charged, the number one clean energy & electric vehicle channel in the world.

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