The City Delivery (Swe: Stadsleveransen) delivers goods to shops and offices in central Gothenburg using electric cargo vehicles. The system has now been bestowed the Swedish 2017 Quality Innovation Award, and will also take part in the similarly named international competition.

The Road Traffic Committee is being awarded in the category ‘Innovations within the Public Sector and Non-Profit Organisations’. 

“We are very pleased and proud to have received this award, which confirms that sustainability is important in city development work and that multidisciplinary collaboration between public agencies and private operators is key to success,” says Magnus Jäderberg, Business Strategist at the Road Traffic Committee. 

Driving on promenades around Gothenburg Cathedral 

The goal of Stadsleveransen is to replace large trucks with small electric vehicles and electric bicycles. They collect goods for delivery from a consolidation terminal in the Gullbergsvass district. “These small, electric-powered distribution vehicles, which drive on promenades around Gothenburg Cathedral, are positively beneficial to residents thanks to lower emissions, less roadway noise, reduced congestion and increased road safety. Altogether, this creates an attractive and welcoming city centre.” The Quality Innovation Award is presented by the Swedish Institute for Quality (SIQ). 

Writer: Anna Rikner

Excerpt from the award statement

“This innovation showcases the possibilities that exist to create increased value for both the customer and the environment. It points the way to more ecologically, socially and economically sustainable societal development. […] Given the pace of urban development across the globe, Stadsleveransen is a shining example of the future format of sustainable transport solutions in an urban environment.”

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