On September 21st and 22nd, the Embassy of Indonesia in Stockholm paid a visit to Gothenburg. The purpose was to learn more about the city’s sustainable infrastructure and transport solutions and to meet relevant stakeholders in the region.

Indonesia is one of the largest manufacturing markets in the world as of now and a promising investment destination. There are tremendous business opportunities in numerous industries in the country.

Right now, Indonesia is in the midst of a transformation in the energy and transportation sector, working towards more efficient and sustainable solutions. The Embassy of Indonesia in Stockholm were eager to visit Gothenburg to know more about the region’s solutions within transport, energy and infrastructure.

One of the reasons for the visit was Gothenburg’s reputation as a city at the cutting edge of rethinking what is possible for a modern city in adopting a green and sustainable infrastructure and transportation system.

The Embassy is keen on developing a deep understanding of these technologies and best practices as well as lessons learned from relevant authorities in the city of Gothenburg. With the visit, the Embassy wishes to convey this understanding to stakeholders in Indonesia and push for future collaborations with Gothenburg – both at the national and regional levels to help achieve Indonesia’s national goal of net-zero emissions.

Already in June this year, an Indonesian delegation joined a virtual tour made by Smart City Sweden in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency and Business Sweden. You can read more about this here: Indonesian delegation joined virtual tour on June 17th.

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