On June 17th, Smart City Sweden, in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency and Business Sweden, held an event presenting smart sustainable solutions in housing, mobility and transport. The event was part of the Indonesia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Conference and Exhibition and the Business Accelerator Program (BAPI), supporting Swedish SME:s within energy in developing their market in Indonesia.

The participants were given two virtual tours from Gothenburg. The first tour focused on smart and sustainable transport and mobility solutions and the second one showed innovative and energy-efficient housing. Companies based in West Sweden within these areas also presented their solutions and how they work sustainably and smart.

One of the presenters was Christer Tilk, Partner at Growpipes, a company that designs and manufactures economically sustainable and most efficient cultivation systems to create profitable farms with the lowest possible water consumption.

Joining from the mobility sector was Thaddäus Tiedje from Trivector, presenting the app TravelVu; a new way to collect travel data with a mobile phone application to get more accurate data at a lower cost. The collected data aims to get a better understanding of travel behaviour in order to plan the cities of tomorrow. Other companies joining was also Samster, BatteryLoop and Scania.

Anna Wilkens from Innovation Skåne talked about Evolution road, an electric road pilot in the south of Sweden, with four test sites on public roads, accumulating new knowledge and advancing the ERS technology.

Approximately 160 people from Indonesia were participating in the event.

View the virtual tours here or book a visit with Smart City Sweden here for a guided tour.

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