Three logistics companies have moved their electric freight bicycles into the Nordstan shopping center in central Gothenburg – and more are welcome. “I don’t know any other city that has such a solution,” says Johan Erlandsson, CEO of Velove Bikes.

E-commerce and field services, where vans and cars are used, are increasing congestion on already crowded streets in city centers. However, many of the deliveries and service assignments do not really require heavy motor vehicles, but can be carried out by significantly smaller and more energy efficient vehicles, such as cargo bikes. Nordstan and Velove now facilitate the use of light vehicles by establishing a city hub. With safe areas for parking, changing rooms, traffic management, transhipment and maintenance and repairs, it will now be easier for Pling, Best and DHL Express to use to replace small deliveries in central Gothenburg, which is today made with vans, with nine of Velove’s cargo bikes.

“Nordstan really shows here the way in which a private operator can, in a simple but powerful way, help to create both a more pleasant traffic environment and efficient, energy-efficient deliveries. Safe, central areas for city logistics accelerate the transition! We are working to establish city hubs in many cities in Europe, and it is actually a bit surprising that it became Nordstan, in our hometown Gothenburg, that was first to offer this kind of solution in Europe, open to all who are in need of transport in the center. ”says Johan Erlandsson, CEO and founder of Velove.

“The cargo bikes we offer are specially designed to work well with other cyclists on the bike lanes. They use a similar width as a regular cyclist does, and they are low enough for other cyclists to keep their overview of traffic. That’s why they work well on Gothenburg’s still narrow bike lanes. ”, Johan continues.

“Nordstan has a unique location in Gothenburg and it is fun to be able to contribute to what we believe is the start of a major transformation of the traffic environment in Gothenburg with small efforts,” says Magnus Zingmark, sustainability manager at Nordstan.

“DHL Express has ambitious climate goals and moving to the significantly more energy-efficient cargo cycle in city centers is one of many measures we take to achieve these goals. In addition, it provides a better service quality for our customers as the cargo cycle have better access in the center, “says Michael Odelhög, Operations Manager in Western Sweden at DHL Express

“We have been driving three cargo bikes since Midsummer and although we are beginners it is already clear that we can actually replace vans with cargo bikes, for small deliveries”, assures Niklas Falk, Business Area Manager at Best Transport.

“Pling has been delivering by cargo bike in Gothenburg since 2012 and has shown that it actually works year-round, in rain and snow. It is great to now take the next step and establish operations in the city hub of Nordstan. ”, says Stina Johansson, Chairman of the Board of Pling Transport.

  • Nordstanis Sweden’s most visited shopping centre, with around 200 shops.
  • Veloveis a Gothenburg based startup that offers efficient, energy-efficient and city-friendly solutions for city logistics and field services to customers in, to date,19 countries.

Video: DHL Express in City Hub Nordstan doing City Container handover onto Cubicycle/Armadillo electric cargo bikes by Velove

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