On October 4–5, the French region of Grand Lyon visited Gothenburg to learn more about the Gothenburg region’s smart and sustainable mobility solutions. The delegation is one of several that lately has contacted Green Gothenburg to learn more about the transformation to a greener region.

– The delegations that have recently visited Gothenburg are interested in sustainable transportation in cities, with Gothenburg Green City Zone as an example – and they are curious to know more about the region’s green transition and how the local companies can contribute to this transformation, says Sofia Carlsson Mc Conell, Head of Green Gothenburg.

Green Gothenburg welcomes international delegations from all over the world to help decision-makers explore our region’s smart and sustainable city solutions through inspiration, knowledge, and contacts with stakeholders. This in turn can strengthen the competitiveness of the regional companies by learning more about the companies’ solutions while the companies receive valuable contacts and information about international markets.

After more than a year of mostly digital meetings, more delegations are starting to come to Gothenburg physically again. At the end of September, the Indonesian embassy in Stockholm visited Gothenburg, and on October 4-5, French politicians from Grand Lyon was here. On October 18, the Minister-President of Flanders together with an industrial policy delegation and several journalists visited Gothenburg. And later this year, an exchange with officials from South Korea who want to know more about urban development and Gothenburg Green City Zone will take place.

– We continuously believe that there is a big value in meeting with businesses, politicians, and experts physically in their native environment when it comes to cities and regions wanting to make large investments in new technology and business models. However, in many cases, it is wise to initially arrange digital meetings – to give an introduction and make sure a site visit is relevant. For instance, we have had several successful digital meetings with a stakeholder in Uganda, wanting to invest in waste management technology. Their questions were answered and they matched with many Swedish companies, says Sofia Carlsson Mc Conell, Head of Green Gothenburg.

During the pandemic, Green Gothenburg has changed its way of working and now everyone can experience the Gothenburg region’s work on sustainable mobility and energy-efficient houses in VR in addition to physical meetings on site. You can use the VR tour with or without glasses. If you are curious to know more, head over to the VR-tours here and take a ferry tour over the river, go on a tour with a self-driving truck or visit three award-winning innovative and energy-efficient buildings.

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