Many cities around the world are facing challenges with rising volumes of waste. The Ugandan capital Kampala, with its two million inhabitants, faces the same problem and are now looking for solutions on how to transform the waste into value instead.

Lydia Syson Naiga is the Business Development Manager at NLS Waste Services Ltd in Kampala. She and her team are already doing business with a Swedish company within composting of food waste, but they now look for more solutions from Sweden.

– We want to dramatically decrease the large volumes of waste being dumped into landfills today and instead maximise the recycling potential along with transforming waste to energy, says Lydia Syson Naiga.

As a first step in exploring Swedish solutions, Smart City Sweden arranged a workshop to show examples of how waste is managed in Sweden, with a particular focus on waste-to-energy.

Along with NLS Waste Services representatives, there were also participants from Uganda’s National Environment Board and from Kampala City Council.

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