In Karlshamn, the collaboration between the municipality and a nearby manufacturer of pulp goes back to the late eighties. Together, they have developed and invested in district heating, which has resulted in that almost half of the households in the municipality is heated by excess heat from the company.

Almost 50 per cent of the households in Karlshamn are heated with district heating. In total 1500 buildings both private, commercial and public such as schools are connected to the district heating system that is owned by the local energy company, Karlshamn Energi.

The aim of the energy company is to deliver 100 per cent fossil-free heat to the customers. The main supplier of heat to Karlshamn Energi is the nearby manufacturer of pulp, which supplies 95 per cent of the district heating. At times it covers all of the need for heat for Karlshamn. But when there is a maintenance stop or it is cold for several days, another nearby company is used as a backup supplier of heat.

On top of this, artificial intelligence is integrated into the system, increasing the capacity of renewables. The system makes forecasts of customer needs of heat and adjusts the temperature based on the forecasts.

Find out more about the intelligent district heating system in Karlshamn and how the symbiosis between the local organisations is working as a win-win for everybody this a newly made video:

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