Lomma municipality is situated right on the coast in the southern part of Sweden. They know they have to take climate effects into consideration when making plans for developing the town.

For many years, Lomma municipality has been at the top in terms of climate adaptation work in Sweden. The municipality has a systematic and successful approach to climate adaptation issues. That is the conclusion from the latest survey of the municipalities’ climate adaptation work carried out by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and Svensk Försäkring.

The main reason for being at the top is that they work across the municipal boundaries with water issues originating from the stream Höje Å. The stream has large level differences depending on the weather. Combined with Lomma being situated by the sea, which can also raise rapidly, the challenge with buildings close to the water is obvious.

However, Lomma identified the challenge early and started integrating climate adaptation issues in all of the municipalities planning already in 2007.

The questions in the survey are based on the European Commission’s tool for climate adaptation, the Adaptation Support Tool.

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