This week, Biogas Väst and Business Region Göteborg (BRG) received a visit from the large American environmental organization Calstart, a continuation of a successful knowledge exchange that has been going on for over 15 years. The conversation this time dealt mainly with the West Swedish investments in liquid biogas for heavy vehicles – and on how cooperation between the regions should continue.

Calstart is an American interest organization based in California focusing on creating the conditions for clean transport by, among other things, developing and testing new technologies for low-emission transport, creating innovative solutions that increase market share for clean fuels and through political advocacy.

The exchange between Calstart and Biogas Väst has a long history – already in 2003, the first contacts were taken. Biogas Vest then became an important source of inspiration for Calstart’s own work in biogas.

"For us in Biogas Väst, the exchange is extremely valuable and gives us opportunities both to obtain inspiration and experience from a large international organization," says Bo Ramberg, process manager for Biogas Väst.

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Foto: Lars Magnusson, Energikontor Väst

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