Gothenburg City Council has decided to approve Göteborg Energi’s initiative backing a significant expansion of the district cooling network in central Gothenburg, with a total project value of SEK 450 million stretching until the year 2035.

The investment in district cooling entails using a central network to offer cooling to businesses such as offices, hospitals and industries. District cooling works in precisely the same way as district heating, but vice versa – the water is cold instead of hot.

One of the advantages of district cooling is that it reduces environmental impact, as the excess heat from waste incineration is harnessed to produce the cooling effect. In addition, it means less noise pollution, as cooling machines are no longer needed in individual properties.

“In central Gothenburg, several new districts are under development and for us it is crucial to be able to offer a connection to the district cooling network, in line with the needs and demands of the city’s development. As with district heating, we produce district cooling by making use of the energy flows that already exist in Gothenburg, which is both smart and efficient,” says Alf Engqvist, acting CEO of Göteborg Energi.

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