It is finally here! The new VR tour where you can ride in a self-driving truck, hop on board an electric ferry across the river Göta älv or tag along with an electric delivery bike through Gothenburg. Green Gothenburg has now launched a second VR tour, this time on smart and sustainable transport and mobility in the Gothenburg region.

Last fall the first VR tour from Gothenburg was launched as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Instead of inviting international delegations to Gothenburg they could simply just visit and step into three award-winning buildings focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency. The first VR tour was a success and in early summer we launched the second tour with a focus on smart and sustainable transport and mobility solutions.

In this tour you can experience the following areas:

– Waste management – learn more about floating recycling, fossil-free recycling and watch a movie about an electric garbage truck.

– Last-Mile Delivery – read about self-driving robots and ride on a city delivery bike in a 360-movie.

– Automation – get in the self-driving truck and enlighten yourself in the area of autonomous drones and the test site Astazero.

– Science parks and large initiatives – here you can read more about Gothenburg’s three science parks, projects, and testbeds within smart and sustainable transport and mobility.

– Mobility as a service – in Gothenburg, several start-ups and initiatives are looking at ways of using connectivity to access multiple transport services from one platform. Learn more about the LIMA project and the mobility service app.

– Electromobility – Hop on the electric ferry crossing the river Göta älv or entertain yourself with a movie about the Electricity project or a text about the plans for Säve airport.

– Digitalisation & 5G – the future is here with 5G and ITXPT.

– Gothenburg Green City Zone – a zone where new technology for both vehicles and infrastructure is tested. The aim is to achieve 100 % emission-free transport by 2030.

Watch the VR tour here.

If you have any questions or if you wish to know more about our tailor-made study visits offered to decision-makers, please contact either Sofia or Katarina at Smart City Sweden West.

Contact them here.

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