On the 11th of March, Smart City Sweden North was one of the speakers in the digital interactive workshop held by the Nordic Innovation partners, City of Reykjavik, Viable Cities, Business Tampere, Smart Cities Insights and Smart Innovation Norway.

The workshop focused on Nordic Collaboration for small and medium-sized municipalities in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, where their aim is to find out which topics, challenges and opportunities that are the most important to address in order to reach climate-neutral cities in 2030.

Smart City Sweden region North shared some of the experiences in the workshop on how to implement small and medium-sized companies in innovations projects and different methods for engaging SME´s in climate change and to increase growth in the sectors that support environmental sustainability in cities.

Nordic Innovation aims to make the Nordics a pioneering region for sustainable growth and works to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in Nordic business. They have started a Nordic community and collaboration platform for municipalities and surrounding actors from different sectors that aim to contribute to local sustainable development and a better life for all citizens within planetary boundaries in 2030.

Read more about the event here.

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