What is a healthy city? How can we build cities that includes all citizens’ needs and take physical and psychological well-being into account? What are the benefits of placemaking and including other groups in the planning process? These are just some of the questions discussed at SmartTalks: Healthy & Inclusive Cities.

In a series of events, Smart City Sweden invites experts in different areas to discuss different city challenges and opportunities and give examples from how Sweden is working with different issues. In this first talk, we meet experts such as city planners, researchers and representatives from government agencies that discuss health, inclusiveness and placemaking. Learn from concrete examples from Swedish cities and tools used to develop cities for a greener and more inclusive future.



Robert De Meijere, Doctor of Medicine and Administrator at Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Lisa Klingwall, Landscape Architect and Strategic Planner at Uppsala Municipality
Sandra Frank, Co-founder and Executive Vice President at Arvet
Liisa Perjo, Expert at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Helena Rojas, Head of Development at Botkyrka Municipality
Maria Eggertsen Teder, Architect and Specialist in Social Sustainability at National Board for Housing, Building and Planning
Tove Ahlström, CEO at Global Utmaning


Anna Jarnehammar, Vice President at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

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