One of five nominees. Project Stadsleveransen (City Supply) has been nominated for the GötaPrice 2019, for its work to “create a more pleasant, safer and more environmentally friendly inner city by introducing surface-efficient, energy-efficient, and climate-smart goods deliveries”.

The concept means that goods arriving by heavier vehicles are reloaded on light electric cars for delivery to stores and companies in central Gothenburg.

The award award is awarded to best development projects within publicly funded activities and the five finalists have been selected among 383 submitted competition grants. The winner is revealed at Kvalitetsmässan’s inaugural gala at the Gothenburg Opera on November 12, and will then receive a prize check of SEK 100,000, as well as a glass sculpture by the glass artist Kjell Engman.

More information (in swedish)

Foto: Asbjörn Hanssen

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