Cities around the world are growing. To meet the demand, we need to find new ways to build sustainably and in a way that is considering the citizens’ needs.

Sweden works to create smart cities where social sustainability plays a major part. Green areas help create meeting places, and they also play the role of air cleaners, water collectors and noise reducers. By building in favour of bikes and pedestrians, car traffic has been reduced in the city centres, leading to better health among the residents.

In a short film, we get an insight into three Swedish cities that are working with urban planning and sustainable buildings in different ways. The city of Växjö is building whole districts in wood and in Skellefteå, one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world are being built. The district of Vallastaden in Linköping has been created together with its citizens, leading to a lot of green areas and a great variety of houses.

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