Sweden’s goal of reaching 50 % renewable energy in 2020 was reached 8 years in advance. In 2020, Sweden reached 60 % renewable energy. Sweden is the EU country with the highest amount of renewable energy, with the average energy consumption for the whole EU being just over 22 %.

According to newly released statistics by Eurostat, Sweden has now reached 60 % renewable energy. Domestic transports reached 32 % renewable energy, which exceeded the EU minimum goal by 10 %. The EU has set the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2050 and the renewable energy consumption has doubled in the region since 2004.

Biggest increase in biofuels

The biggest increase can be seen in the consumption of biofuels, which was mainly in the industry and transport sector. The second-biggest increase when it comes to energy consumption was in wind power, followed by the use of heat pumps.

The energy use in Sweden has decreased from 413 to 396 TWh since 2005, despite the population increasing by 1.4 million.

Read more at the Eurostat website.

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