Prominent Swedish municipalities share their knowledge in sustainable city planning when the new European network Multiply is formed.

Three Swedish municipalities, Örebro, Umeå and Botkyrka, have been chosen to join an EU network to share their knowledge in sustainable city planning. The network is called Multiply and looks at how cities can become more environmentally sustainable, but also how to include the citizens when planning and renewing urban districts.

Örebro and Umeå were chosen due to their work with land, energy and mobility, while Botkyrka has long experience in civic cooperation. The network will share experiences and create guidelines that can help other municipalities in their work in creating a more sustainable city.

In total, 42 European municipalities will join the network at a conference arranged by the end of 2020. The purpose with the cooperation is to increase the ability to work with integrated planning for energy, mobility and land use, and cities will be given the chance to develop energy plans for an efficient climate adaption in a city development area.

The project is led by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

Full article (in Swedish) here.

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