This week, Sweden’s largest battery storage park has been put into operation in the city of Uppsala. The aim is to contribute to relieving the city’s electricity grid in the event of a lack of capacity. There are only a couple of battery stores in the world that are integrated into the electricity grid.

The rapid growth rate in Uppsala and in other metropolitan regions in Sweden is rapidly increasing the need for electricity and a well-functioning infrastructure. Housing construction in combination with the industrial and transport sector switching and electrifying increases the demand for electricity network capacity. This means that the electricity networks in certain areas are severely strained and a lack of capacity in the electricity networks arises. Complements to traditional solutions are therefore needed to continue to connect new customers to the electricity grid in a reasonable time and thereby secure growth in society.

The battery storage park in Uppsala is one such climate-smart solution.  In the event of a lack of capacity in the electricity grid, the battery storage supplies the electricity grid with electricity. When there is a surplus of electricity, the battery is charged instead. The battery storage corresponds to a capacity that could enable new connection of approximately 1700 new villas in Uppsala.

The battery park functions as a large power bank. It can be built relatively quickly, and services from there can be used by distribution companies or other players while waiting for the electricity network to be expanded so that no capacity shortages occur in the electricity network. After that, the battery storage can be moved to another location with a lack of capacity, if needed.

The battery park is a collaboration between the municipality of Uppsala, Vattenfall Eldistribution AB and Vattenfall Network Solutions.

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